Tuesday, October 2, 2012

In the summer of 2004, I somehow lucked into an all expenses paid, eleven-day rock tour of Spain.  While there, I became friends with a cool dude named Ramon who lived at the house in Zaragoza that was sort of serving as our home base.  We smoked many hash cigarettes together, drank wine, and talked music, alot.  He played me some of his favorite bands.  One of the bands he turned me onto was The Green Pajamas.  He made fun of me because here we were in Spain and he was telling me about a band from Seattle that I'd never heard of!  I didn't mind though, because I was (and still am) blown away by this band.  He burned me a copy of Indian Winter and I listened to it all the way through at least three or four times on the flight back home, totally in love with it.  The Green Pajamas formed in 1984 and are still around today.  This is a short, ten-song mix that I made for fun but this only scratches the surface of this amazing band.  They have 20+ albums and are probably recording some new shit as we speak...

01 Streets Of London
02 Queen Of Sunshine
03 Rattlesnake Kiss
04 Death By Poisoning
05 If I Lived In A Picture
06 Sister Anne
07 I Remember Love
08 Emily Grace
09 My Photographs
10 I Have Touched Madness

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